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Strawberry Shorcake Berry Rainy Day Prototype
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This is a HAND MADE raincoat from the Berry Wear Berry Rainy Day set. This piece is made of heavy vinyl plastic and is hand sewn. It seems to have been made in three pieces, top, bottom and trim. Everything is hand sewn on, the details are hand painted and very different. This is a very cool prototype Strawberry shortcake item. This piece would have likely been used at some type of even like Toy Fair or to present the idea in hose at Kenner. Whatever it was used for it is likely the first or one of the first versions of this piece of clothing ever made. You can really see the hard work that was put into this line when looking at this piece. This item is part of a collection of Strawberry Shorcake items that I personally purchased from a former Kenner employee. Check my other auctions for some more amazing prototype items.
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Item Condition
Some tape remains on the inside of the coat. There is some residue from where some tape has been removed. Not other rips or damage. A very stonr C-9+ piece.

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